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Yoga is Self-Healing!

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Yoga is Self-Healing!

Yoga is nothing but self-healing! Can I say that ? Yes I can. Here are the reasons! I believe that the power we seek is within you. This is a spiritual way of explanation. But physically as well, we have everything within us. If one organ becomes weak by a disease, other organs in the body have the ‘power’ to heal it. There is a natural ‘tendency’ as well in the body, rather instinctively as we might call, to help the ‘weakness’ so that the total ‘system’ comes round to a complete balance. There is this ‘togetherness’ feelings in our body where helpfulness comes in as a law of nature.

Yoga does that with the application of natural laws, balancing blood and oxygen supply throughout the body ,thereby invigorating the blood vessels, glands and nervous system. The nerve centres (Kundalini system as they were called in Vedic age) lead us to the accomplishment of complete health, mental peace which again unleash the wish for greater freedom of spirit and spirituality!



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