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Yoga is a Full-proof Way!

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Yoga is a Full-proof Way!

Yoga is a Full-proof Way! Yoga is not an upcoming, rising-on-the-horizon type of subject. It is a time-tested, full-proof technology which brings forth objective output. It is a science and art combined together with the sciences of physics, chemistry, mathematics, psychology and a precursor of  inner and outer-world communiques, i.e., spiritualism.

It shapes and reshapes your present and future, preserves and brings in resilience against a host of post-modernism scenario dimensions like lifestyle diseases and chemical-hormonal-steroid-induced food-chain vulnerability and a strong and cool deterrence for inbuilt immunology ! Yoga is a safeguard for you and also the Nature as you become more self-conscious and ache out a niche for concerted action towards a serene pristine environment of the Earth and beyond!


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