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Take a Few Steps !

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Take a Few Steps !

Yes ! That’s it ! When you are indoors, you may not have enough space to have a free walk as you do in a playground or  a park. But that should not prevent you from having a few steps for strolling or walking !

Full body positive mother in casual clothes teaching adorable toddler to walk while sitting on floor with legs crossed in light room

Because effortless, easy walking, whether it is for a Moment or Minute is one of the best ways to free yourself from getting stuck feelings in a chair for ‘some’ time !

We are bipod. So while taking just a few steps can also be important for you. Because you are balancing your body against the gravitational force while taking a step or two just ! We have to move our body weight with our feet, and all our body muscles are to work for this ! This works just good enough for us.

Woman in Orange Dress Standing Near Window

So if we are not engaged in domestic works, we need to take a few steps as and when we feel like and this will benefit us immensely to keep ourselves fit ! When we have to remain captive due to reasons like rainy day, bad weather, and so on.


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