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Yoga is Mystical and Magical Always for All!

Yoga is Mystical, Magical Always for All !

Yes, Yoga is so for all ! Just practice Yoga and you will find this to your utter surprise and astonishment !

Yoga has simple and immense effects and power to cure all our diseases in a single go !

Just practice it and find and feel its magics and mysticisms !

The Yogis in the Himalayas are all in this category !

woman in black jacket standing on green grass field near snow covered mountains during daytime

We don’t know whether we come in this category or not, but yogic power is such amazing aspect or thing that we can not just think of !

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Lord Shiva the Yogi of Yogis !

Lord Shiva the Yogi of Yogis !

Lord Shiva is the Yogi of Yogis, living in the Himalayas, since the creation of the Earth. The Himalayas was created by Him along with the Earth, the myth goes on! Lord Shiva spends time mostly in meditation and so acquires enormous power! According the Hindu mythology He is the God of Destruction, so that the evil yields place to the Good.

Himalayas and Lord Shiva –A timeless bond