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Today I Practice over a Six-Month Gap !

Today I Practice over a Six-Month Gap !

Today I practiced after more than six months at a stretch ! But I could practice yoga, cautiously, with less bends and stretches and felt uniquely awesome just !

For some unavoidable circumstances I could not follow yoga practices, although I maintained postures while doing sedentary works on regular basis.

I have no problems, but I remained careful about hurting my muscles and bones which have not received regular way of practices.

But I remained confident that my memory cells won’t betray my lack of practice !

Yoga is actually a skill like all other games and sports and can be resumed, with a bit of care and caution and back in shape again.

By saying so I am not playing down the credits and advantages of regularities. But we have certain times in life when nothing works.

But Yoga will be on our side all through and may appear before us as blessings of God !


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Yoga is Mystical, Magical Always for All !

Yoga is Mystical, Magical Always for All !

Yes, Yoga is so for all ! Just practice Yoga and you will find this to your utter surprise and astonishment !

Yoga has simple and immense effects and power to cure all our diseases in a single go !

Just practice it and find and feel its magics and mysticisms !

The Yogis in the Himalayas are all in this category !

woman in black jacket standing on green grass field near snow covered mountains during daytime

We don’t know whether we come in this category or not, but yogic power is such amazing aspect or thing that we can not just think of !

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Yoga Mudras are Highly Effective !

Yoga Mudras are Highly Effective !

Yoga mudras are highly beneficial for the granthis (glands). The glands are powerful organs which control our body.

Chakra, Energy Centres, Body, Center, Yoga

Chakra Energy Centres Body

Mudras have long term effects as they secrets hormones (as per modern science). According to yogic theories the Mudras have effects on arousing the chakras.

Chakras, Body, Yoga, Energy Points, Energy Centers

Chakras Body Yoga Energy

We have to conceptualize the chakras, concentrate on them and take action.

Mudras are very powerful. Breath control and meditation is used to activate the chakras. There is spiritual dimension associated with the chakras.

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The Students can Benefit a Lot from Yoga !

The students, mostly the ones appearing at the Final Exams of Secondary and Higher Secondary Levels can benefit a lot from yoga ! Because these students have to go through a ‘ traumatic ‘ situation as these Exams are life-changing for them. The results of these Exams determine which subject areas they can go in for ! Their total future depends on these Exams. The scorecards of these two examinations are very vital throughout the life of all people actually !

boy in gray crew neck t-shirt reading book

So it is very natural that they will be highly Tensed during the years before these examinations.

Ant these Tension and Suspense create a lot of problems, invite even chronic problems like Neck and Back pain, Temperament problems, gaining and losing weight, etc. which can be ‘Managed’ by a bit of Yoga just.

men sitting in front of their laptop computer

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TRIBUTE TO MY BROTHER IN LAW – we lost him to Corona — Srikanth’s poetry

Dedicated to my dear sister The sky turned frosty, Tears brimming, softly; News of mano mama’s demise, A unique agony of surprise, Unspoken, grief stricken, Heartfelt, so barren, The god so loved him, Took him, left us in chasm; You just, walked towards night, To unveil, the mystery of light; Your wisdom, a running brook, […]

TRIBUTE TO MY BROTHER IN LAW – we lost him to Corona — Srikanth’s poetry
Very Sad Indeed ! I’ve also lost my eldest brother due to Covid-19 !
Here is my Bother !
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Healthy Living: Ideas For Growing An Organic Garden Of Your Own — Organic Garden Tip

Healthy Living: Tips For Growing An Organic Garden Of Your Own If you are completely new to the world of organic gardening, then you are probably thinking that some tips on organic gardening will help you immensely so that you can begin growing your own organic plants. Listed below are some tips to get you […]

Healthy Living: Ideas For Growing An Organic Garden Of Your Own — Organic Garden Tip
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Build Strong Willpower with this Pranayama !

Build Strong Willpower with this Pranayama !

Yes we have one such pranayama in our list which is just wonderful ! This is such a pranayama that will make you completely relaxed and confident. This is particularly useful when your sleep is not complete and/or when you can not sleep owing to stress and tension.  Because at the end of this pranayama you will automatically sleep for a minute or so. But you will feel that you have slept for a sufficient period of time ! After that if you need to sleep you can do so as per your requirement.

Yoga woman gray_shavasana

The most magical aspect of this pranayama is that after every spell you will sleep and wake up and feel your breathings have kind of ceased, that is to say that your not inhaling and exhaling. Complete retention of breath for some time. After some time when such condition ends, you will ‘start’ breathing normally, although quite slow and cool that will be.

Yo just look at the mirror to find your eyes and face filled with rest, happiness and bliss, perhaps with a touch of smile ! This is sheer magic !

How To Practice :

Lie down in a supine position, after completing a short session of warm-up exercises.

You can practice this at the end of all exercises. At the end of all exercises take rest so that your breathing become normal and muscles relaxed, just as they are before you sleep.

Yo can also practice when you are not in a work-out. But lie down relaxed for 3-5 minutes.

After you lie down in a supine position, keep your hands on the abdomen, just over your navel or pancreas gland !

Now inhale with both nostrils. After inhalation is complete, exhale slowly with both the nostrils, just a bit longer time.

Think while Inhaling: The vital energy stored in the air is entering into my body and is being stored in the Pancreas Gland ( Surya Gronthi )

Think while Exhaling: The vital energy stored in the Pancreas Gland is being spread through the entire body, to every gland, nerve, vein, arteries making them lively and removing all the obnoxious things and disease organisms from my body.

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How to Practice Easy Pranayams ( Breathing exercises)

How to Practice Easy Pranayams ( Breathing exercises):

Practice pranayams to enhance your lungs capacity, to add more oxygen to your blood, to refresh your whole body, all organs. It particularly benefits the Lung and Heart. Heart benefit directly because the heart is very near to the Lungs. Pranayams clean your body, refreshing your body and mind instantly and with long term effect !

For doing pranayams you need to limber up/warm-up your limbs a little so that your body is ready for the activity. Otherwise our body can get injuries and we don’t feel well to start !

Yoga, Buddhism, Prayer, Pray, Prayers, Temple, Think

Easy Pranyams include only Inhalation (Purak) and Exhalation(Rechak). No Retention of the breadth (Kumbhak).

Man in Red Long Sleeve Shirt Carrying Baby in Red Long Sleeve Shirt

Easy pranayams are suitable for all common people like us, who are not ascetics.



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Stay Healthy by Yoga, Pranayams and …..

Stay Healthy by Yoga, Pranayams and …..

There are so many ways to stay healthy at this tough time. Those prescribed by the doctors and specialists are the the best, of course ! But those are not available to each of us all the time for different reasons.

For this we have to ‘manage’ with whatever is available in our homes ! Yes, I am not saying that you defy your doctors and experts. But as stand-by means you can look to these which can help you stay fine with can be considered as poor, ordinary and rural man’s ways !

Photo by Yan on

Yoga and pranayams are effective in keeping our lungs and heart healthy. Easy pranayams like Nadi Suddhi, Kapalbhati, Bhramari Pranayams, Bhraman pranayams (Pramayam while RelaxedWalking) are highly effective in changing your mood that you will feel instantly.



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Cow Pose (Bitilasana/Marjariasana)

Cow Pose(Bitilasana/Marjariasana)

Cow Pose (Bitilasana/Marjariasana): Cow or cat pose is named after the words cow(batila) and cat(marjara) of Sanskrit origin. This is a very easy and beneficial yoga pose which benefits the neck, spine, lumber.

Athletic Asian woman in sportwear practice yoga Cat Cow pose to meditation at home in living room in the morning Feeling so comfortable and relax,Healthcare Concept

Image of Cow Pose

The spine gets a ‘normal’ position and relieves itself from stress and strain. Very beneficial to all types of practitioners, of all age groups, particularly those who have to follow a sedentary lifestyle.

Cow Yoga Pose High Res Stock Images | Shutterstock

Image of Cow Pose

1,114 Cat Pose Photos and Premium High Res Pictures - Getty Images

Image of Cat Pose

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Yoga is Just Magical !

Yoga is Magical !

Yes ! Yoga is just magical ! It has surprising health benefits ! Not only your physique, it takes care of your mind and spirit ! Just a few yoga practices a day will keep all your physical evils away !

Photo by Retha Ferguson on

It weaves just miracles ! Just a few practices a day, even after days, can keep you in track of wellness and happiness ! You can fight all the ailments with yoga.

Yeah ! to say the least. That’s what yoga is all about ! It helps you remain free of all the earthy health problems!

It controls all your nagging troubles like Blood Pressure, Diabetes ( blood sugar ), heart, lungs, kidney problems and all .

You can keep off Neck, Spine, Lumber problems very easily. Not only that. They just cannot touch you !

Caution :

Be cautious at the same time so that you do not become over-ambitious and jump to your practice without proper warm-up session. This can lead to sudden injury and land you in great trouble !

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Fitness: Can exercise boost your immunity?

Fitness: Can exercise boost your immunity?

It is not that only Yoga can boost up your immunity. You can take to any exercise to enhance your level of immunity.

There’s no data suggesting exercise can boost immunity against the coronavirus. But physical activity has been proven to offer some protection against other upper respiratory illnesses.

Fitness: Can exercise boost your immunity?
Sure ! Any Exercise can. It is not that I tell you to practice yoga exclusively. Any exercise like stretching, walking, jogging, and any sport can take care of your immunity in a great way. 
Side view of young woman doing gymnastics the half bridge pose in fitness studio or home practices yoga warming up exercises for spine, backbend, strengthening back and shoulders muscles.
Mind it to keep some up to your everyday schedule so that your body do not get bogged down owing to lack of it. You can just resort to daily domestic chores of your house which can offer you the bends and stretches out of your variety of exercises! 
It is said that “Work is Worship” ! Absolutely it is ! You know the working class people do not need their daily doses of exercises due this just! It is because they do or are compelled to do their ‘works’ to feed themselves on a day-to-day basis! And in that way they get their daily “exercises” and do not need them separately. They don’t have to go to the Gyms , they don’t have to go for jogging, walking, running etc. to keep fit like we have to ! So “Work is Worship” ! 
Apart from that “work” helps us keep “engaged” and “involved” mentally as well. So keep yourselves “busy” to keep Fit n Fine physically and mentally! 
Even if you are not doing this as said above, you can keep yourself fit by taking small walks indoors, off and on, whatever you space area is ! Take small breaks from computer, TV and Mobile screens, take a few stretches. But don’t jump to any rigorous session without prior warm-up exercises. You can have some hints of indoor variant exercises from here.
Always find out a Suitable Comfortable package for yourself. It does vary from person to person according to their own situations and conditions! Keep it in mind invariably.
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Bow Pose (Dhanurasana)

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Bow Pose (Dhanurasana) :

In this pose the body takes the shape of  an Archer’s bow, the torso and legs representing the body of the bow, and the arms as the string. That is why, it is called Bow pose. Literally dhanus means bow, and asana meaning pose. It is a backward bending yoga exercise and we call it Challenge Pose as well.

How to Practice Bow Pose (Dhanurasana) :
  • Make sure that you have your proper warm-up session before going for Bow Pose and your stomach is not
  • Lie down on your belly on a mat or on a soft thin layer. The floor /surface should be even enough so that the weight of your body is well-distributed on it
  • The surface should not be either too hard or too soft
  • Open up your palms to catch hold of the ankles from outside
  • Pull the legs towards your back, bending the knees, closer to your headsThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is pexels-photo-3822366.jpeg
  • Stay for around one minute depending on your level of capacity and comfortability
  • Loosen up slowly and gradually
  • Take rest through corpse pose for same period of time
  • Practice up to four rounds each time with corpse pose


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Benefits Through Intermediate Plow Poses (Halasana)              

Benefits Through Intermediate Plow Poses (Halasana) :
Benefits Through Intermediate Plow Poses (Halasana)

Benefits of intermediate plow poses (Halasana) are immense. You might be unable to practice a full-fledged Plow Pose (Halasana) for some reasons like strain and pain along your spine (from neck to lumbar). You can practice the intermediate or easy Plow Poses to get the benefits of it ! For various reasons you may like to follow these intermediate poses. In that case you practice the easier pose which will not be strenuous to you. Go for the intermediate poses then.

Some factors may restrict you to follow a full-fledged plow pose like age, neck pain, back pain etc. In such situation intermediate, easier poses are the way-out for us. In case, you feel problems, avoid plow pose totally.

Nowadays, we spend most of our time sitting before the computers, TV, mobie in a bend-forward position. So doing bend-forward exercises can put pressure on neck, lumbar, spine. This can be uncomfortable and unbeneficial for the practitioners. So, avoid this pose then.

Health Benefits of Yoga (With images) | Plow pose yoga, Easy yoga poses, Yoga poses

Image I : Easy Plow Pose

Two Young Women Doing Yoga Asana Easy Plow Pose. Purva Halasana Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 60891631.

Image II : Easy Plow Pose.

How to Practice Plow Pose-the Original Roll Over - Custom Pilates and Yoga

Image III : Easy Plow Pose

Plow Pose ::
  • Calms down the brain.
  • Invigorates the abdominal organs and the thyroid gland.
  • Stretches the shoulders and spine.
  • Helps relieve the symptoms of menopause.
  • Reduces stress and fatigue.
  • Therapeutic for backache, headache, infertility, insomnia, sinusitis

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Fish Pose ( Matsyasana ) Benefits Discussion

Fish Pose ( Matsyasana ) Benefits Discussion

Fish Pose ( Matsyasana ) Benefits Discussion::
Personal Experience

I have personal experience when I received Back pain, rather Back Injury, in the lumbar region. Then I was pursuing M.Sc. degree, staying in the Hostel. I was rather kind of ‘Rash’ at that time, for being younger perhaps. Without having any Warm-Up session I started doing fifty push-ups at a time in the first round . I had the experience and expertise, but I did not practice push-ups(known popularly as ‘don’ in West Bengal, India for a long time, say one year or a bit more. I was sort of depressed as well due to not getting good job then.

Fish Pose (Matsyasana) - Yoga Journal

One fine morning I just felt like going for push-ups to make my muscles more prominent rather instantly. Then it was winter season. I mde fifty push-ups at a time in the first round without any prior warm-up. I went for second or third round, but the first round might be responsible. It happened at noon, before lunch. That day I did not find any problem.

On the next day I just went to the adjoining garden where I found a long-handled spade lying around. The soil of the garden was moist and compact. I picked up the spade and struck the ground to lift up a big chunk of land. While giving pressure through my lower back portion to strike through and break and lift up a bigger chunk of land I felt pain in the lumbar portion . I did not want to believe it, so I repeated, but felt greater pain trying to repeat. It got more acute while bending down to be sure. I visited a known physician nearby who advised fifteen days bed rest initially and extended for another fifteen days duration.

I must mention here as well that I followed the classical pull-up which may be one vital factor of injury.

This Fish Pose is particularly very beneficial for those suffering from asthma, bronchitis and other respiratory problems. For the neck, back and lumbar regions it is a superb yoga pose. It increases lungs capacity and induces deep breathing. It does also increase blood supply to the head, nourishing the pituitary and pineal glands.

Fish pose has a great role in enhancing the retention capacity (Kumbhak) of the lungs. It helps expand the rib-cage creating more space for the expansion of the lungs. In this way Fish pose helps correcting pigeon chest.

Fish Pose Myths and Realities :

Many great ascetics used this Fish pose to dip and float in water( Trailanga Swami). Is it for the fact that this Fish pose helps retaining oxygen in the lungs for a longer time? Modern medical can/cannot prove this for sure, but you my be sure that Fish Pose helps your lungs.

** This is upto you totally whether you would believe or not on the miraculous feats of Indian yogis, especially of the olden yogis!

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Benefits of Fish Pose (Matsyasana)

Benefits of Fish Pose (Matsyasana) ::

Benefits of Fish Pose (Matsyasana) are just countless ! These, in brief, are follows:

  1. Relieves the Spine thoroughly from lumber to neck region
  2. Brings the spine in reverse position from lumber to neck just opposite to the position while we work seated in chair
  3. Expands the chest and the associated muscles enhancing the capacity of the lungs, heart fighting off related diseases like asthma and other respiratory diseases.
  4. Relieves the throat, shoulder and abdominal organs
  5. Stimulates the parathyroid gland
  6. Sharpens the brain
  7. Improves posture
  8. Relieves stress How To Do Fish Pose | Vikasa

One Form of Fish Pose

Reminder ::
  • Don’t Cross your Comfort Level
  • Keep watch over your Breathing
  • Do relax with Corpse pose after each practice of Fish Pose
Process ::

Fish Pose ( Thirty Seconds) > Corpse Pose ( Thirty Seconds)> Fish Pose ( Thirty Seconds)> Corpse Pose ( Thirty Seconds)> Fish Pose( Thirty Seconds) > Corpse Pose( Thirty Seconds) > Fish Pose ( Thirty Seconds)> Corpse Pose( Thirty Seconds) . Should be practiced this way in the primary stage. You can practice four times to the maximum in this way. As a beginner you can practice lesser times.

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Various Forms of Fish Pose (Matsyasana) :

Various Forms of Fish Pose (Matsyasana) :

There are various forms or types of Fish Pose (Matsyasana), ( matsya meaning fish, asana meaning pose). If you’re not capable or comfortable with the full-fledged Fish Pose now, you can practice the easier forms or types. The reason is that you should not take undue strain for a “perfect” pose in the beginning. “Practice makes perfect”. Take your time and go ahead step by step with patience ! 3 Ways to Modify Fish Pose (Matsyasana) for Joy + Contentment - Yoga Journal

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Type of Shoulder Stand (Sarvangasana) Suitable for You !

Types of Shoulder Stand (Sarvangasana) Suitable for You :

Decide on What Types of Shoulder Stand (Sarvangasana) Best Suit You ! You have to decide for yourself as a unique individual as to what type of Shoulder Stand (Sarvangasana) will be best suitable for you ! This is because of the fact that there are several types of Shoulder Stand you will come across in different places. Practice the best suited for your stage of practice as beginner or experienced, age, physical condition etc. These are namely, Unsupported Full Shoulder Stand , Supported Shoulder Stand, Half Shoulder Stand, One-legged Shoulderstand, Shoulder Stand with Blanket and Strap, Upward Lotus Pose Shoulder Stand and so on and so forth.

Photo by Elly Fairytale on

Photo by Elly Fairytale on

Reminder about Shoulderstand ::

Please do not take much strain to practice and practice after warm-up. In this way, you can keep yourself away from probable risk . Practice Complementary poses like Fish Pose and Plough pose after shoulder stand , particularly the Fish Pose. If you have spondylosis you can avoid full-fledged shoulderstand. P.S. :: Legs up the wall pose can be a good alternative to the Full-fledged Shoulder Stand pose.

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Hello Yogawiz !

Hello Yogawiz !

Be happy always, for ever! What ails you! No, Nothing actually! Here is the Cure-All for all nasty problems and nuisances you face your way ! Take a tip from the Wiz and walk away with, Healthy and Wealthy for ever and ever and ever !