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How to Practice Easy Pranayams ( Breathing exercises)

How to Practice Easy Pranayams ( Breathing exercises):

Practice pranayams to enhance your lungs capacity, to add more oxygen to your blood, to refresh your whole body, all organs. It particularly benefits the Lung and Heart. Heart benefit directly because the heart is very near to the Lungs. Pranayams clean your body, refreshing your body and mind instantly and with long term effect !

For doing pranayams you need to limber up/warm-up your limbs a little so that your body is ready for the activity. Otherwise our body can get injuries and we don’t feel well to start !

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Easy Pranyams include only Inhalation (Purak) and Exhalation(Rechak). No Retention of the breadth (Kumbhak).

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Easy pranayams are suitable for all common people like us, who are not ascetics.



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