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Stay Fit n Confident with Easy Pranayamas !

Stay Fit n Confident with Easy Pranayamas !

It is easy to stay confident with the easy pranayamas ! Because you know that easy pranayamas are very easy, handy, but very powerful ways to keep ourselves Healthy and Strong !

Easy pranayamas benefit our Lungs and Heart instantly leaving us stress-free and relaxed. Our moods become lightened and refreshed readily. We feel as if our stresses have vanished within a couple of minutes !

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It does also benefit our brains just immediately as you will feel your temperament enlivened immediately.

These pranayamas, therefore, can affect our thought process also as our brains gets oxygenated and negative thoughts are gone as we feel !

So our confidence is enhanced with these pranayamas. With this, our whole body get refreshed as more oxygen is added to our blood making it lighter.

We know our breaths get shortened, particularly when we become worried and tensed. But with these easy pranayamas we can lengthen the span of inhalations and exhalations, and retention of air in our lungs. So lungs capacity is enhanced and the heart has to pump less. So there is a relief in the heart beats as well.

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This is most specifically the reasons we feel Cool, Relaxed, Fit and Confident with pranayamas. They just work as Mood elevators !

So practice easy pranayamas as these are the easiest and take least time to practice ! Just a few warm-up exercise you do before.

Statutory Warning : This does not necessarily mean that we will not have to obey COVID-19 guidelines !