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Benefits of Pawanmuktasana

Benefits of Pawanmuktasana

Pawanmuktasana is very easy and beneficial. It can be practiced by people of all ages and categories.

It can be used as a warm-up exercise.

Increases blood circulation throughout the body.

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It benefits the stomach and abdominal muscles.

Reduces belly fat.

It tones up the arms, legs and buttocks.

It reduces fat in the thighs and buttocks.

Helps in weight loss.

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It promotes digestion, reduces constipation.

It strengthens the stomach, liver and spleen.

It address Sterility and Impotence.

Beneficial to neck, back and spine.

For Women:

The pelvic muscles are strengthened and the reproductive organs are benefitted.

Reduces menstrual disorders.


Those facing problems in the Lumbar area should be extra careful or Avoid Full Pawanmuktasana. They should practice Half Pawanmuktasana.