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Easiest Poses Against Neck and Back Pain !

When it comes to very nagging Neck and Back Pain, the full-blown Backbend yoga poses might be difficult, particularly for the very young and the aged. In that case, I would suggest practicing easy backend poses, especially after being inflicted.

Here are some poses which might be of great help to us:

  1. Head Raising Pose(Bhujangasana/Cobra Pose): It is not always the fact that we can and have to practice always its full-blown pose. For example, we can look at this one!
Parshwa Dhanurasana

It is Parshwa Dhanurasana where ‘Parshwa’ means ‘side’ or ‘lateral’. One can practice with one leg as well, only pulling only one leg while keeping the other leg normal and relaxed.

You just can change the sides and follow again.

2. This one is a great example of how we can practice one pose in a modified and comfortable manner while getting all the benefits rather better than we get out of a full-fledged one, especially for the aged ones!

Essy Version of Fish Pose

This modified easy fish pose can help us get good relief from neck and back pain.

3. Modified Shalvasan: Full-fledged Shalvasana is good, but might be difficult for many of us. But this easy pose may be quite enjoyable!

Easy Shalvasana(Locust Pose)

Moreover, Full-fledged Shalvasana(Locust Pose) can be restricted for heart patients.

4. Easy Bow Pose: It is suitable for many of us, the aged and the beginner.

Easy Bow Pose

This can be very enjoyable and can be fun as well, especially for those who are undergoing problems.

5. Sometimes the full-fledged is not the best. Just see:

Here this practitioner has just maintained a good spine posture which is comfortable and scientific for relieving neck and bank pain!

There are some more! Please stay connected.

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High Risk of Neck and Back Pains now!

High Risk of Neck and Back Pains now!

High Risk of Neck and Back Pains now ! As we are living a COVID-19 lifestyle at home, Work-from-Home situation, we are almost always stuck with ‘screens’ for online classes, webinars, office works, we become more prone to neck and back pains, which, if not addressed properly can lead to chronic spondylosis.

Confined at home we are also at risk of an array of problems, apart from other major problems like cardiac and diabetic arising out sedentary, closed lifestyle during COVID-19. Apart from keeping up right posture while sitting and sleeping, we can practice some backward bending yoga exercises which will keep us safe from these problems.

Your awareness and alertness are your own safeguards!

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