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Easy Padmasana (Sukhasana)

Easy Padmasana (Sukhasana) can be practiced when you cannot and do not practice Lotus pose. We generally sit on this pose on the floor in informal situations. There might be someone who cannot practice Lotus pose due to some knee joint problems, etc. Your legs should be kept in a position so that it becomes helpful for the spine to remain in a comfortable and natural posture. This is helpful for any other yoga practice based on it and mindfulness meditation as well

One can sit for a longer duration in this pose. More suitable for those having knee joint problems. Also suitable for the higher age category.

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Lotus Pose – a Cardinal One !

Lotus Pose – a Cardinal One!

Lotus Pose – a Cardinal One! It is very important in the sense that once you practice this cardinal asana, you are slated for a number of benefits that are very scientific and wonderful at the same time! This pose gives your spine its natural posture, pacify your breathing process and mind. There is a myth that this asana cretes electric flow in the spine. Yes we have heard about some marine animals which can produce electric shock in their body, So it might not be an absolute absurdity (Electric fish such as the marine electric ray (genus: Torpedo) and the freshwater electric eel (Electrophorus electricus)! It does justice to your shoulders, part from other spinal areas like waist and neck. Mostly acclaimed as a basis for meditation, it enhances attention and concentration of the mind especially required for the students and office-goers. Can we say it is a panacea for all the ills of life? Practice justifying whether it is a Truth, Myth or just a Cliche.