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Benefits Analysis of Bow Pose (Dhanurasan)

Benefits Analysis of Bow Pose (Dhanurasan) :

Benefits analysis of Bow Pose (Dhanurasan) is very important to know how we get the benefits. We know that this Bow Pose is highly beneficial for health . But we have to analyze the factors as to why and how it benefits us.

We are living in a post-modern world where the life and livelihood is very fast. But we have to stay stuck for hours together seated in front of the computer, mobile and TV set, in a bend-forward position. This exerts extra pressure to the entire spine, from neck to lumbar. This Bow Pose can relieve you from all these extra pressure on your spine and brain and keep them lively and free from lifestyle diseases like spondylosis, spondylitis, Blood Pressure and Diabetes.

You need not worry about the said problems if you are a follower of this yoga practice. Just practice this and be free of these problems !

After a day of hectic work this exercise feels just amazing. Even we can practice before we start our day. At the same time it will address the deadliest of modern diseases like spondylosis, blood pressure and sugar(diabetes). This exercise will keep us physically fit and mentally alert with its bend-backward position which will compensate the whole day’s workload in a bend-forward position. This is the beauty of this exercise.

So, practice this and remain free and happy from those anxieties for ever !

Its Complementary exercises are Circle/Wheel Pose ( Chakrasana ). Three poses are generally practiced in the sequence as Cobra pose ( Bhujangasana ) > Bow Pose ( Dhanurasana ) > Circle/Wheel Pose ( Chakrasana ). Before that we should have some warm-up exercises according to your own situations and conditions.

Don’t despair. Take heart that these backward bending exercises will put you back in track. And make you free from the stresses of life ! Yoga poses like bow pose, wheel, cobra and camel pose will take care of your spine, from neck to lumber and keep you healthy and joyful. Encourage your loved ones to follow.

Not only that, this yoga will take care of your neuropsychological well being in a great way !

Your posture is very important to keep up the health of your spine. Always be mindful that you do not study, sit in wrong postures for long in front of your TV, Computer , Mobile Screens etc. which can be uneasy and harmful in the short and long run.

Image Courtesy : Brooklyn Reflexology

Correct Sitting Posture at Computer. Flat Design Style. Vector illustration

Try to follow a scientific posture , which will help you healthy, fit n fine to continue your pursuits well.

good posture

Image Courtesy : Harvard Health Publishing ( Harvard Medical School)

Even after good posture you need to have breaks after a gap of 20-30 minutes and/or whenever you feel necessary. You should also limber up and bend yourself backward from head to lumbar in the same 20-30 minutes interval (whenever felt necessary). Get up from your chair from time to time (e.g. twice in an hour) and walk whatever space available there.

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Sedentary Lifestyle & Spondylosis, Diabetes…

Sedentary lifestyles in this postmodern age is giving birth to a host of diseases starting from spondylosis, diabetes, cardiac problems and food-chain related diseases and what not ? So we have to be careful to see to it that we do not fall prey to these. Don’t worry. Yoga is there to fight them off as an icing on the cake! But be cautious on those aspects as well.

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