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Benefits of Wheel Pose (Chakrasan)!

Benefits of Wheel Pose(Chakrasana) :

The benefits of Wheel Pose(Chakrasana) are numerous! This is one very important Backbend exercise that is practiced after Bow Pose (Dhanurasana). Like Bow Pose this benefits the entire spine, from neck to lumbar, and keeps it in shape and healthy. This can heal all of your problems in a very short while. It is just miraculous! Nowadays this is most relevant. All problems related to the entire spine will be in good shape or be cured. You will enjoy it very much as well. You will just be motivated to follow this once you begin!

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Young Man in Wheel Pose in a Yoga Studio

In today’s world Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana) along with Bow pose (Dhanurasana) and this Wheel Pose(Chakrasana) is a total package that will surely benefit you wondrously and free you of all problems! This Trio Combination of yoga exercises will help you challenge the related neck, spine, and lumbar problems and will see you through in today’s fast lifestyle world!

All-day we spend our time, doing our work and jobs bending forward which gives rise to so many deadly diseases like spondylosis, rheumatism, neck and lumbar pain, diabetes, blood pressure, aging, etc. This wheel pose along with the cobra and bow pose is just amazing to fight off all those problems as said above.

  • It helps make the spine strong and supple and increases youthfulness
  • It is a full-body exercise
  • Increases Swiftness
  • Never forget this one is beneficial for every organ of our body, especially the heart, lungs, kidneys, and prostate glands, to mention a few.

Caution :

A few words of caution for the higher age category is to practice it after a heart and blood pressure check-up. Higher age does never mean “old or superannuated”. Mental age and agility are individual factors I think. Still, we must respect age and experience. Before practicing this exercise I request you all to gear up your body with a warm-up session. It will also be most wise to practice it in the Latter Part of your Exercise Session.

At the same time, I would suggest you go for Easier/ Intermediate Forms of this exercise whenever you think and feel so!

Do this after Bow Pose!

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Wheel Pose (Chakrasana)

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Wheel Pose (Chakrasana)ose(Chakrasana)

Wheel Pose(Chakrasana) is a very important yoga pose again just after the Bow pose. It is complementary to Bow Pose (Dhanurasana). After you have completed Bow pose you are required to practice this Wheel Pose(Chakrasana). ‘Chakra’ means Wheel and ‘Asana’ means Pose.

It is also called Upward Bow Pose ( Urdhva Dhanurasana )

How to Practice Wheel Pose (Chakrasana):

  • Do warm-up exercises for 20-30 minutes if you are going to practice it first. You can also think of this one as additional practice.
  • Lie down on your back on a flat surface using yoga mat.
  • But it is best to start practicing this pose on a soft bed. Gradually you can do this. On soft bed you have less risk to get injured. A thicker and softer bed is an extra insurance for not getting bruised or injured. Generally young ones learn this informally, playfully getting physical /verbal help from their mates. But one caution is not to learn practicing it on the sidelines of a high cot (sleeping platform) to avoid falling down to the ground.
  • If you are lean and thin, you may not have the need to rest on your head before lifting the head altogether with your elbows.
  • You have to adjust your distance between the two hands so that you comfortably balance your body weight on them. If this distance is too short or too long you may find difficulty in carrying and balancing the body eight. The same is true in the case of the legs also.
  • Allow you breathing to flow as per normal requirement.
  • Practice 3-4 times in short spells, follow Corpse Pose after each and every practice in this sequence ( Wheel Pose > Corpse Pose > Wheel Pose > Corpse Pose > Wheel Pose > Corpse Pose > Wheel Pose > Corpse Pose).
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Generally, Bow Pose is practiced before Wheel Pose. Because Wheel Pose is a tougher one than the Bow Pose.

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