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Lotus Pose(Padmasana) vis-a-vis Easy Lotus Pose(Sukhasana)

Lotus Pose (Padmasana)vis-a-vis Easy Lotus Pose(Sukhasana) :

Lotus Pose(Padmasana) vis-a-vis Easy Lotus Pose(Sukhasana): Another yoga practice just after Corpse pose is Lotus pose which can be practiced all by itself or solitarily. This one should be started practicing in childhood to youth phase of our life. If you do start this after the youth phase please do remember not to do so all on  a sudden so that your knee do not get hurt. It is better to go for Sukhasana or easy lotus pose where you don’t have to sit cross-legged so rigidly and you can follow it as an alternative to lotus pose.

Class of women performing the meditative Sukhasana pose in a ...
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