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Hyper-Acidity Produces Dangerous Symptoms!

Hyper-Acidity Produces Dangerous Symptoms!

Hyper-Acidity is very common today! Our food habits have changed a lot due to the intake of so many fast foods available in the market the world over! Our life is becoming complex and faster.

In hyper-acidity, one can face symptoms like Blood Pressure and Heart problems!

So be aware of this while you practice yoga.  Don’t take oily, fried, and over-fried food, at least quite often. We are being habituated to a fast lifestyle when we outsource our food from restaurants. It may be through home delivery as well. We do also take packaged food which is highly processed known as fast food. We must be aware that all these lead to bad health and for the yogis, it will be better to avoid these as much as possible! 

Some yoga poses like Mayurasana(Peacock Pose) are unique in fighting this. Bow Pose is also good at tackling this.

There are some “to-do”s to control this!

Your diet is also important here. You should take a balanced diet. Take the diet timely and suitably.

We should not take too much Carbohydrate. These carb foods come from cereals.


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