Yoga is one of the most powerful natural ways of keeping post-modern lifestyles at bay, for all age and economic categories. Yoga can work wonder for you! We are living in an era where life is very fast, and fast-changing, but we are stuck up at sedentary lifestyle for education, office and most of our works are done by the machines and machinations. Electronics, computer and internet have made us all the more idle and sluggish. At the same time we are becoming more ‘competitive’ robbing our minds of peace and happiness, filling his/her mind very much wary of ‘accomplishments and achievements’, rather than with love and compassion making everybody an island unto himself/herself, very much isolated and nuclear amidst a vortex of superfast communicational facilities unforeseen just less than a decade back!

Here lies the significant importance of “yoga” fulfilling the ‘void’ with its serene, pristine purity , resilience, rejuvenation and reverberation catering justice and justification of all and sundry throughout the globe! The pace of modernism is abridged with the peace and tranquility of the minds of our ascetic ancestors! Let us take resort to yoga!