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Control Your Anger as a Yogi!

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As Yoga practitioners, we must control our anger! This is important. Anger is at the root of so many evils. It is one major enemy (Ripu) of us.

In practical life, this anger can destroy all your plans in a fraction of a second when we lose ‘temper’. It is a great physical evil as well because it can lead you to sickness and heart attack if the person(s) are aged, weak, and having heart problems!

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As a yoga follower one can control anger easily. We must be alert that anger can hurt our personal and social situation to a considerable extent.

Anger does also affect the relationship of a person with his own family members, friends, and relatives. It can put us in problematic situations from where it might be rather impossible to free ourselves!

Intelligent and rational individuals do not lose their temper. They rationalize and tackle situations with perfect control over their temperament.

With yoga your capability to control anger is inherent!

So let us be cool and composed always!

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