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Benefits of Shoulder Stands (Sarvangasana)

Benefits of Shoulder Stands (Sarvangasana):

The benefits of Shoulder Stands (Sarvangasana) are just innumerable! The name Sarvangasana has its origin in the two terms ‘sarva‘ meaning ‘all’ or ‘entire’ and ‘asana‘ meaning ‘pose or position’ meaning it benefits the entire body. There is some scientific explanation to it when it comes to analyzing the factors accruing these benefits. Shoulder Stand just reverses the direction of blood circulation, hence relieving the pressure on the lower parts of the body. It thus relieves and rejuvenates them and allows the upper parts receive more oxygenated blood.

In the Shoulder stand the oxygenated blood comes down to flood your throat, thereby activating the Thyroid Gland in a great way!


Must be followed by the backend like Fish Pose. The practice of Fish pose just after this is a must. The practice of Bow Pose just after this is not advised instead of Fish Pose!

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