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As a Beginner, You are Alerted…

As a Beginner, You are Alerted…

If you are a beginner, please start on a low key , rather than to jump to an highly ambitious program like an upstart practicing so many yoga practices one at a time or to practice the tough ones requiring days of practice and skill. You will invite problems then than to enjoy and/or continue yoga. Firstly warm-up exercises are a must before you go for yoga.

Suppose a person with no previous experiences of practicing yoga is going to practice head-stand for the first time , that also without any warm-up exercise and who is obese and ‘aged’. Just disastrous! For one having high blood sugar this can be all the more disastrous or even suicidal ! So this a word of caution for such persons and situations.

You have to take help . Use your common sense so that you do not fall and get injured. Your head should be placed on a ‘soft’ surface, like a folded piece of cloth so that your skull is not injured. Before you go for headstand practice the easier forms of exercises! The obese and aged persons should avoid headstand, I repeat. (See Later)

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