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Yoga is all the more important and relevant today. Yoga means ‘communication’. In the grand old days the yogis and rishis used to practice yoga to communicate with gods or God as is evident in the pages of the great epics as the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. But nowadays we cannot ‘see’ gods/God so easily as in those days people could. That continued for long, as they say. Even in modern times, mentioned as Koli Yuga by the traditionalists or conservatives, we have heard about a lot of stories about ascetics who could create or brandish miraculous events with yoga, like floating in space, teleportation etc. But we practice Yoga nowadays only to stay fit. So that is very easy in comparison to the older day objectives to attain yoga power like the ones the yogis used to have! One thing you can achieve in modern times is to prepare yourself for a spiritual world by changing your body and mind suitable!