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Easiest Poses Against Neck and Back Pain !

When it comes to very nagging Neck and Back Pain, the full-blown Backbend yoga poses might be difficult, particularly for the very young and the aged. In that case I would suggest practicing easy backend poses, specially after being inflicted.

Here are some poses which might be of great help to us:

  1. Head Raising Pose(Bhujangasana/Cobra Pose): It is not always the fact that we can and have to practice always its full-bown pose. For example, we can look at tis one !
Parshwa Dhanurasana

It is Parshwa Dhanurasana where ‘Parshwa’ meaning ‘side’ or ‘lateral’. One can practice with one leg as well, only pulling only one leg while keeping the other leg normal and relaxed.

You just can change the sides and follow again.

2. This one is a great example how we can practice one pose in a modified and comfortable manner while getting all the benefits rather out of a full-fledged one!

Essy Version of Fish Pose

This modified easy fish pose can help us get good relief from neck and back pain.

3. Modified Shalvasan: Full-fledged Shalvasana is good, but might be difficult for many of us. But this easy pose may be quite enjoyable!

Easy Shalvasana(Locust Pose)

Moreover, Full-fledged Shalvasana(Locust Pose) can be restricted for heart patients.

4. Easy Bow Pose: It is suitable for many of us, the aged and the beginner.

Easy Bow Pose

This can be very enjoyable and can be fun as well, especially for those who are undergoing problems.

5. Sometimes the full-fledged is not the best. Just see:

Here this practitioner has just maintained a good spine posture which is comfortable and scientific for relieving neck and bank pain!

There are some more! Please stay connected.

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Vinyasa Krama Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and Bikram Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation!

Vinyasa Krama Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and Bikram Yoga are the variations of Yogas. Vinyasa yoga is movement between different poses of yoga, accompanied with regulated breathing, a flowing sequence in coordination with breath.

people exercising

Mindfulness meditation techniques are also important in modern days.

If you learn individual yoga practices properly, you can proceed towards learning the above categories.

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Ashtanga Yoga!

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is a form of yoga popularized by K. Pattabhi Jois during the 20th century, promoted as a modern-day form of classical Indian yoga. He claimed to have learnt the system from his teacher, Tirumalai Krishnamacharya. The style is energetic, synchronizing breath with movements. The individual poses (asanas) are linked by flowing movements (vinyasas).

Jois established his Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute in 1948. The current style of teaching is called the Mysore style after the city, India where the practice was originally taught. Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga has given rise to various spinoff styles of Power Yoga.

Woman in Black Tank Top Sitting Beside Man in Black Shirt

Ashtanga Yoga comprises the following. Ashtanga means ashta (eight) and anga(limbs). That means eight limbs yoga. Here ‘limb’ means part. The eight limbs are as follows:-

  1. Yamas (Behavioural must-practice observances – things you should do/to be done
  2. Niyamas (Behavioural restraints obligations, rules and regulations– things you should not do
  3. Asana (Yoga poses / postures)
  4. Pranayama (Breathing exercise techniques to control life force energy)
  5. Pratyahara (Withdrawal of the senses, i.e., self-control)
  6. Dharana (Concentration)
  7. Dhyana (Meditation)
  8. Samadhi (Transendance)
Man in Black Crew Neck T-shirt

Ashtanga yoga can be practiced by the ones who are ashram-dwellers(monastery dwellers) following total spiritual life renouncing the world! That does not mean that no family man or anyone living in a family can not practice it. You are free to follow if you are capable of doing so.

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Control Your Anger as a Yogi!

As Yoga practitioners, we must control our anger! This is important. Anger is at the root of so many evils. It is one major enemy (Ripu) of us.

In practical life, this anger can destroy all your plans in a fraction of a second when we lose ‘temper’. It is a great physical evil as well because it can lead you to sickness and heart attack if the person(s) are aged, weak, and having heart problems!

Free stock photo of active, active life style, adult
Rodnae Production

As a yoga follower one can control anger easily. We must be alert that anger can hurt our personal and social situation to a considerable extent.

Anger does also affect the relationship of a person with his own family members, friends, and relatives. It can put us in problematic situations from where it might be rather impossible to free ourselves!

Intelligent and rational individuals do not lose their temper. They rationalize and tackle situations with perfect control over their temperament.

With yoga your capability to control anger is inherent!

So let us be cool and composed always!

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Easiest Warm-Up Exercises !

You need the easiest warm-up exercises in order to boost your blood circulation and loosen your muscles ! Many times, we jump to full-scale session and in this way give an unpleasant ‘jerk’ to our physical system. The following easy-to-do limbering practices will help you get ready.

i) Lie straight on your back on a flat, even surface or yoga mat which should be not too hard not too soft/bumpy.

ii) Fold your left leg and draw your knee near to chest, can hold the knee to chest for a few seconds or up to for 10-15 seconds.

Full body of concentrated plump African American female warming up on blurred background of gym

iii) Do this for the right leg

iv) Repeat this once again at least. Can be extended upto four rounds.

v) You can practice leg raising with each leg alternately for several rounds and extend up to both the legs at a time

vi) You can move your legs in a bicycle pedallig manner whi;ele still laying upward straight on your back.

vii) You can now turn round to your front and raise your bend ankles after folding your knees.

Person Raising Her Hands

viii) Now yo can raise your chest taking support of your hands on both sides while/with inhaling.

ix) Your can also follow free hand exercises for warming up to your main session. But keep in mind to lie down to take rest then before beginning the main session consisting of enhanced bends and arches.

x) Before you go for any full-scale bendings and stretches, do these in milder forms, to be more alert and careful and to avoid possible hurts to yourself.

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A Few Yoga Practices A Day Keeps Doctors Away !!

If we practice a few yoga practices everyday or even one or two days in a week. we can keep doctors away as we can keep ourselves fit and fine all through !

Girlfriends in face masks doing Lunge pose while practicing yoga

During Covid-19 time yoga has become all the more essential in our lifestyle ! We are stuck at home a lot more time, idle and frustrated and lacking physical activities ( at least for aged categories )!

Side view of fit young female in sportswear increasing spine flexibility while performing High Cobra asana during yoga session in light studio

Just a practice a day or in days can keep us in track and we can fight the boredom very effectively, especially we will feel activated, sound and relaxed !

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Today I Practice over a Six-Month Gap !

Today I Practice over a Six-Month Gap !

Today I practiced after more than six months at a stretch ! But I could practice yoga, cautiously, with less bends and stretches and felt uniquely awesome just !

For some unavoidable circumstances I could not follow yoga practices, although I maintained postures while doing sedentary works on regular basis.

I have no problems, but I remained careful about hurting my muscles and bones which have not received regular way of practices.

But I remained confident that my memory cells won’t betray my lack of practice !

Yoga is actually a skill like all other games and sports and can be resumed, with a bit of care and caution and back in shape again.

By saying so I am not playing down the credits and advantages of regularities. But we have certain times in life when nothing works.

But Yoga will be on our side all through and may appear before us as blessings of God !


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Yoga is Mystical, Magical Always for All !

Yoga is Mystical, Magical Always for All !

Yes, Yoga is so for all ! Just practice Yoga and you will find this to your utter surprise and astonishment !

Yoga has simple and immense effects and power to cure all our diseases in a single go !

Just practice it and find and feel its magics and mysticisms !

The Yogis in the Himalayas are all in this category !

woman in black jacket standing on green grass field near snow covered mountains during daytime

We don’t know whether we come in this category or not, but yogic power is such amazing aspect or thing that we can not just think of !

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Yoga Mudras are Highly Effective !

Yoga Mudras are Highly Effective !

Yoga mudras are highly beneficial for the granthis (glands). The glands are powerful organs which control our body.

Chakra, Energy Centres, Body, Center, Yoga

Chakra Energy Centres Body

Mudras have long term effects as they secrets hormones (as per modern science). According to yogic theories the Mudras have effects on arousing the chakras.

Chakras, Body, Yoga, Energy Points, Energy Centers

Chakras Body Yoga Energy

We have to conceptualize the chakras, concentrate on them and take action.

Mudras are very powerful. Breath control and meditation is used to activate the chakras. There is spiritual dimension associated with the chakras.

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The Students can Benefit a Lot from Yoga !

The students, mostly the ones appearing at the Final Exams of Secondary and Higher Secondary Levels can benefit a lot from yoga ! Because these students have to go through a ‘ traumatic ‘ situation as these Exams are life-changing for them. The results of these Exams determine which subject areas they can go in for ! Their total future depends on these Exams. The scorecards of these two examinations are very vital throughout the life of all people actually !

boy in gray crew neck t-shirt reading book

So it is very natural that they will be highly Tensed during the years before these examinations.

Ant these Tension and Suspense create a lot of problems, invite even chronic problems like Neck and Back pain, Temperament problems, gaining and losing weight, etc. which can be ‘Managed’ by a bit of Yoga just.

men sitting in front of their laptop computer

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Himalayan Yogi !

Himalayan Yogi !

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TRIBUTE TO MY BROTHER IN LAW – we lost him to Corona — Srikanth’s poetry

Dedicated to my dear sister The sky turned frosty, Tears brimming, softly; News of mano mama’s demise, A unique agony of surprise, Unspoken, grief stricken, Heartfelt, so barren, The god so loved him, Took him, left us in chasm; You just, walked towards night, To unveil, the mystery of light; Your wisdom, a running brook, […]

TRIBUTE TO MY BROTHER IN LAW – we lost him to Corona — Srikanth’s poetry
Very Sad Indeed ! I’ve also lost my eldest brother due to Covid-19 !
Here is my Bother !
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Healthy Living: Ideas For Growing An Organic Garden Of Your Own — Organic Garden Tip

Healthy Living: Tips For Growing An Organic Garden Of Your Own If you are completely new to the world of organic gardening, then you are probably thinking that some tips on organic gardening will help you immensely so that you can begin growing your own organic plants. Listed below are some tips to get you […]

Healthy Living: Ideas For Growing An Organic Garden Of Your Own — Organic Garden Tip
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Build Strong Willpower with this Pranayama !

Build Strong Willpower with this Pranayama !

Yes we have one such pranayama in our list which is just wonderful ! This is such a pranayama that will make you completely relaxed and confident. This is particularly useful when your sleep is not complete and/or when you can not sleep owing to stress and tension.  Because at the end of this pranayama you will automatically sleep for a minute or so. But you will feel that you have slept for a sufficient period of time ! After that if you need to sleep you can do so as per your requirement.

Yoga woman gray_shavasana

The most magical aspect of this pranayama is that after every spell you will sleep and wake up and feel your breathings have kind of ceased, that is to say that your not inhaling and exhaling. Complete retention of breath for some time. After some time when such condition ends, you will ‘start’ breathing normally, although quite slow and cool that will be.

Yo just look at the mirror to find your eyes and face filled with rest, happiness and bliss, perhaps with a touch of smile ! This is sheer magic !

How To Practice :

Lie down in a supine position, after completing a short session of warm-up exercises.

You can practice this at the end of all exercises. At the end of all exercises take rest so that your breathing become normal and muscles relaxed, just as they are before you sleep.

Yo can also practice when you are not in a work-out. But lie down relaxed for 3-5 minutes.

After you lie down in a supine position, keep your hands on the abdomen, just over your navel or pancreas gland !

Now inhale with both nostrils. After inhalation is complete, exhale slowly with both the nostrils, just a bit longer time.

Think while Inhaling: The vital energy stored in the air is entering into my body and is being stored in the Pancreas Gland ( Surya Gronthi )

Think while Exhaling: The vital energy stored in the Pancreas Gland is being spread through the entire body, to every gland, nerve, vein, arteries making them lively and removing all the obnoxious things and disease organisms from my body.

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Pranayams are Very Helpful to Fight Stress Strain !

Pranayams are Very Helpful to Fight Stress Strain !

Pranayams are highly helpful when it comes to fighting off Stress and Strains raging our life specially during COVID-19 !

Here are some tips to control your anxieties-related stress and stain :

  • Watch your pattern of breaths you are in this situation.
  • When you watch your breathing pattern, it will automatically calm down to normal gradually. It is like a teacher controlling an unruly student. When the student is watched closely he will control himself naturally !

Hustle And Bustle, Woman, Face, Arrows, Stress

  • In any situation try to control your breathings with easy pranayam-like exercises. Inhale longer with your nostrils, exhale longer. You can hold your breath for some time also if you feel comfortable ! You will feel strains going down rapidly.
  • Change your thought patterns. Try to communicate with a family member/friend(s)/ anyone you can contact or talk with !
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Stay Fit n Confident with Easy Pranayamas !

Stay Fit n Confident with Easy Pranayamas !

It is easy to stay confident with the easy pranayamas ! Because you know that easy pranayamas are very easy, handy, but very powerful ways to keep ourselves Healthy and Strong !

Easy pranayamas benefit our Lungs and Heart instantly leaving us stress-free and relaxed. Our moods become lightened and refreshed readily. We feel as if our stresses have vanished within a couple of minutes !

Meditate, Relax, Relaxing, Calm, Rest, Relaxation

It does also benefit our brains just immediately as you will feel your temperament enlivened immediately.

These pranayamas, therefore, can affect our thought process also as our brains gets oxygenated and negative thoughts are gone as we feel !

So our confidence is enhanced with these pranayamas. With this, our whole body get refreshed as more oxygen is added to our blood making it lighter.

We know our breaths get shortened, particularly when we become worried and tensed. But with these easy pranayamas we can lengthen the span of inhalations and exhalations, and retention of air in our lungs. So lungs capacity is enhanced and the heart has to pump less. So there is a relief in the heart beats as well.

Spiritualism, Awakening, Meditation, Yogi, Aura

This is most specifically the reasons we feel Cool, Relaxed, Fit and Confident with pranayamas. They just work as Mood elevators !

So practice easy pranayamas as these are the easiest and take least time to practice ! Just a few warm-up exercise you do before.

Statutory Warning : This does not necessarily mean that we will not have to obey COVID-19 guidelines !


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How to Practice Easy Pranayams ( Breathing exercises)

How to Practice Easy Pranayams ( Breathing exercises):

Practice pranayams to enhance your lungs capacity, to add more oxygen to your blood, to refresh your whole body, all organs. It particularly benefits the Lung and Heart. Heart benefit directly because the heart is very near to the Lungs. Pranayams clean your body, refreshing your body and mind instantly and with long term effect !

For doing pranayams you need to limber up/warm-up your limbs a little so that your body is ready for the activity. Otherwise our body can get injuries and we don’t feel well to start !

Yoga, Buddhism, Prayer, Pray, Prayers, Temple, Think

Easy Pranyams include only Inhalation (Purak) and Exhalation(Rechak). No Retention of the breadth (Kumbhak).

Man in Red Long Sleeve Shirt Carrying Baby in Red Long Sleeve Shirt

Easy pranayams are suitable for all common people like us, who are not ascetics.



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Fight COVID-19 ! Let’s Follow this !

Fight COVID-19 ! Let’s Follow this !

Let’s Fight Covid-19 together with some common “to-follow’s” which will make us highly capable to Fight off the Dreaded Demon !

Here are the Tips which you can give a Second Thought to !
  • Eat Well ! Avoid fast foods, eat abundant vegetables, fruits, meat etc. Don’t smoke. Follow ‘healthy food’ principles.
  • Sleep Well ! Lack of sufficient sleep and deep sleep without worries is basic to good health.
  • Be Tension-free. Enjoy and Relax with friends and family members maintaining Corona guidelines
  • Don’t Panic ! Over panicking leads to mental and physical weakness and lesser immunity. This is applicable for every disease. So don’t panic.
  • Obey the Thumb Rules : Wear Masks, Follow 8 ft. distance and so on as advised by medical and civic guidelines.
  • Do some exercises. It may be yoga, walking etc.
  • Do pranayams to supply oxygen to your Lungs and Blood. Easy pranayams means a lot for heart and lungs.
    Walk in indoor spaces :

    Walk in  indoor spaces when you can not go outdoors ! Find some spaces in or around your house. You need not always walk rapidly. Let us walk even slowly and comfortably oft and on, when we are off from the computers, studies etc. Not that we have to walk at a stretch. You walk when you get time for a minute or so. You need not warm up, because you are not walking at a speed.

  • Have some activities everyday. At least engage in some domestic work to remain active.
  • Do pranayams while walking (Bhraman Pranayam). But you inhale with four steps and exhale with the next six steps. That will be better. This helps our lungs get more axygen.
  • Be Responsible socially. Wear masks, follow Corona guidelines keeping in mind your aged and young family members ! Because all age categories can be potential carriers.

Wearing Mask is the major mantra to Fight COVID-19.

Positive Attitude: With positive attitude we can fight the pandemic together as a responsible member of the society following health norms.

Mother Putting a Face Mask on her Daughter



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Pranayams (Breathing Exercises) supply oxygen to Blood….

Pranayams (Breathing Exercises) supply oxygen to Blood….

Pranayams (Breathing Exercises) supply Oxygen to Lungs, heart and Blood very easily. Easy pranayams are the better options for us all.

woman in green v neck sweater


Portrait shot of the young man doing pranayama or pranayam or breath control yoga on a colorful mat with wearing black attire. Portrait shot of the young man doing pranayama or pranayam or breath control yoga on a colorful mat with wearing black attire. Adult Stock Photo