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Posture is Important to Stave off Spondylosis !

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Posture is Important to Stave off Spondylosis !

Posture is Important to Stave off Spondylosis ! Yes, our postures are important to keep ourselves safe against spondylosis, one of the most dreaded diseases of ultra-modern or postmodern era ! We are always in front of either computers, TVs, On-Screen presentations and fixing our eyes on mobile screens while on the go. This pose risks to our postures, apart from eyes and attention disorders also leading to accidents then and therewith and later on.

But even if we are safe for the time being we always invite posture problems to our backbones, both lumbar and neck regions. This can lead to spondylosis which modern medical science claim as incurable so far .

Correct your posture. Practice yoga to fight off the harms caused by posture. But posture has be corrected in the first place, although yoga is there to help us all .

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By T K Mandal

T K Mandal, an ardent follower and believer of Nature and Yoga practices. Yoga can work miracles and a Cure-All for all physical and mental diseases, yes , at any age, I assure you !

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