Follow Yoga & Yoga will Follow You throughout your Life!

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If you follow, i.e., “practice” yoga, yoga will follow you throughout your life! Once you practice yoga, yoga will never leave you in your entire life! Practicing yoga is a lifetime experience. The tagline is once you discover the benefits, comforts, joys of practicing yoga, you will never actually forget ‘yoga’! Whenever in trouble you will take resort to it. yoga can very well start from problems or your desire to become healthy, disease-free, graceful and joyful, blissful all physically mentally, psychologically and spiritually!


Tapan Mandal

By T K Mandal

T K Mandal, an ardent follower and believer of Nature and Yoga practices. Yoga can work miracles and a Cure-All for all physical and mental diseases, yes , at any age, I assure you !

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